Linda Dement, Petra Gemeinboeck, PRINZGAU/podgorschek und 
Marion Tränkle – www.inserial.net

13 to 24 December 2010
Residency at Bundanon Trust, NSW, Australia

18 October to 16 November 2010
Residency at ArtSpace, Sydney, Australia

3 March to 4 May 2010
OK Centre for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria

28 October to 15 November 2009
exhibition, Rondostucki Gallery, Katowice, Poland

20 May to 10 June 2009
eMobilArt exhibition programme, Provlita, Warehouse 1, Port of Thessaloniki

15 March 2009
Presentation of On Track at RaumD Open Room for Discourse on Digital Culture, Electric Avenue, Quartier 21, Museumsplatz Vienna

10 March 2009
Round table discussion, Marion Tränkle, PRINZGAU/podgorschek and guests Monte Video, Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam



You’re driving from A to B and collecting all the other letters but in no particular order; meanwhile, you also manage to gather together all the prime numbers, and even π, not to mention the Fibonacci sequence.

If you can imagine this then you are well prepared to look at ON TRACK

There is no correct point in the installation – failure and loss is its movement, its success. Here you will meet a motorized broom looking a bit out of shape, more ladylike than other brooms, in the prime of her life but yet a little worn out after sio much drudge work. The broom is followed by a few desperate Robots, nicely dressed in tails and doing whatever they please. The broom keeps its countenance within its speed up and down and up and down in the mess and out of the mess, letting loose and catching pigments, sand, water, oil … as you please .. the many materials we are surrounded by these days. The broom’s environment gets more lively, more beautiful, more ugly, and even more smelly. In any case, this particular environment is growing with every new showcase! 

The whole installation is more or less a metaphor of the helpless situation of our global pushing and pulling, bringing and taking.

The robot creatures get nervous when faced with the countenance of the broom, instead of working out the disaster they create a new metaphor of disaster, quite charming but helpless.

Failure was one of the strongest points we suggested in the concept.
Transmission of loss was the working title in the beginning.
Isn’t it sad that we succeed so well at our first TRY?