3. Raised Transverse and Circular City Walkways. 

Walkway across Vienna above the city roofs. 
Not only can the city be explored by walking through it at ground level or underground, it can also be experienced floating above it. The raised transverse and circular city walkways cross the historical centre yet leave it untouched. A large-scale showcase crossing or encircling a part of the city, which thus becomes a museum object.
Roemer van Thoorn

Location: Vienna city centre 

Stretches from Parliament to the Urania at a height of c. 30 m (above all the roofs of the city). Length: 1,650 m. Ø 4m. 

Entrance lifts: Parliament (Dr. Karl Renner Ring), Ballhausplatz, Graben, Rotenturmstrrasse, Urania (Julius Raab Platz). 

Function: Transparent tube walkway