Traveling through images and sounds to discover national
audio-visual identities when nations‘ anthems are downsized to their most significant tone.
starring anthems in order of appearance: Australia, France, Japan, Austria, Uruguay, Switzerland, Russia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Europe, Mozambique, U.S.A., South Africa

concept/camera/editing: PRINZpod
programmation Anthems/Sound technique: Stephan Gregor Stefan
post production: Klaus Pamminger
sentence: Fabia Podgorschek
proof reading: Arturo Silva
© 2019 PRINZpod

festival dates 2019:
15.10-20.10. Macau International Performance Art Festival,Ox Warehouse 21.10-27.10. Zhuhai 2othOPEN International Performance Art Festival
28.10-6.11. Beihai 2othOPEN International Performance Art Festival
artist curator: Wang Fangni

Die Reise wurde finanziert aus Mitteln der Republik Österreich, Bundeskanzleramt, Abteilung IV/6.