Title: Bamboo-Ellipse 
Location : Sozial – Medical Centre East, Vienna, Courtyard 7 
Client : City of Vienna (Competition) 
Completed 1995 
Dimensions : 7m wide x 15m long 
Material : concrete, Waldviertler Gneis, bamboo 
(construction: Firma Mauthe) 

In one of the inner courtyards of the Social-Medical Centre East in Vienna a small elliptical bamboo garden with benches offers patients and visitors a place to rest. The purpose of the courtyard is to provide a place of relaxation for both the mentally disturbed and patients undergoing physiotherapy. The bamboo ellipse confronts and negates the environment by means of the clarity of its compactness and its autonomous delimination. It avoids dialogue with the location. The centre of the ellipse, which contains within it a second ellipse, creates spaces, quiet areas surrounded by living bamboo.