Title : empty caryatid 
Exhibition : The Eyes of Architecture 1994 
Location : Offenes Kulturhaus Linz 1994 

A hole in the size of 40cm cut through every floor from the roof to the cellar. Together these wholes would install an invisible column through the building. We called the work „Emty Kariatyde“, Every 10 seconds a drop of water fell from the top to the bottom on a glowing oven placed in the cellar. The sound of the vanishing water was heard all through the building. PRINZGAU/podgorschek 

Spuren der „Leeren Karyatide“ 
1994 / 2004 

As their contribution to the exhibition „Die Augen der Architektur“ (1994), PRINZGAU/podgorschek drilled a hole through the O.K from attic to ground floor, adding a vertical element to the otherwise horizontal building. Through this hole, 40 cm in diameter, drops of water fell from attic to cellar onto a hot steel plate. The work called into question the contemporary standing of „art in architecture.“ With just 1% of the building budget normally set aside for art, it’s often the case that, instead of meaningful, coherent aesthetic solutions in cooperation with architects, artists and clients, „artworks“ are simply implanted on walls and empty surfaces after construction is finished. The theme of the exhibition was to reflect on basic issues in architecture from an unusual perspective – the connection between art and architecture, or more precisely the architectonic handling of „spaces“ is scrutinized in an artistic space freed from the influence of the building’s owner.