Ganz Ohne TiTel

As part of the exhibition series „Unter Vorbehalt“ („Under Reservation“), the artist couple PRINZpod presents from 05.06 to 18.06.2020 at gallery rauminhalt_harald bichler an installation made of threads, which wind up from cones on sticks that are driven by doner motors, to form sculptural objects with a cocoon-like aesthetic. The work is based on a project from 2004, for which PRINZpod focused on the work rights of female workers in Indian textile factories.

The corona pandemic has once again demonstrated the weaknesses of our fragile economic system and revealed the unequal distribution of resources, abundance, poverty and, last but not least, precarious working conditions also within our country.

An economic system that does not tolerate a pause or stagnation. And so the thread keeps on turning: driven by a motor, it is pulled off continuously, winds around its centre unequal and at the same time uncontrollable, allowing only a few areas to grow. Is the work becoming a symbol of our global economy?

(Translation of the original German Text by Karin Schwarz-Hönnig)